Did you just get diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

Are you confused about what you should and shouldn't eat?

 Are you worried about what it means for your long-term health?

Do you want to find out how to make living with diabetes easy, eat all your favourite foods, and live a long and healthy life with your family?
You don't have to be confused or worried anymore!
What should I eat?
Which foods DO and which foods
DO NOT increase your blood sugar levels?
Can I still eat out?
What food should I buy?
A quick guide
Do I really have to exercise?
Why you need Diabetes Made Easy
  • Keep eating all of your favourite foods
  • Avoid the health complications that people with diabetes can get (like stoke, heart disease, blindness and amputations)
  • Reduce the time you spend daily on your diabetes management
  • Go on holidays with no restrictions
  • Erase any guilt and worry you may feel about having diabetes
  • Be with your kids like a normal parent
  • Keep working and providing for your family
  • Live a long and healthy life with your family
Why I Created This DVD Program

Hi! I'm Lori.

I have lived with type 1 diabetes since I was two years old. As a child growing up with diabetes in those days, life was quite routine and restrictive, especially in respect to the food that I could and couldn’t eat.

As a young teenager, I attended my usual 3 monthly endocrinologist and dietitian appointments, but I also discovered some fantastic diabetes kids camps. At the camps in particular, I learnt a lot about diabetes. I learnt how to do ‘normal things’ with diabetes, ways that I could still eat all the foods I wanted to eat, and do all the things my ‘normal’ friends at school were doing. I also realised that I wasn’t alone. I made lots of friends who were going through exactly what I was going through. It changed my life. I remember seeing a segment on the news when I was about 14yrs old about a possible cure for diabetes and I remember getting upset. When my parents asked why I was upset, I said “If they find a cure for diabetes, I won’t be able to go to camp anymore’. 

I was so inspired by the amazing dietitians in the clinics and camps, that I wanted to become a dietitian so that I could educate and help other people with diabetes as much as they helped me.

I graduated from the degree of Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Newcastle in 2007. I opened my own private practice (Feast for Health), which is now a large practice spread across the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Hunter regions of NSW.

Before I understood diabetes well, it would often get me down. It sometimes just seemed all too hard. I felt that diabetes was so frustrating and difficult to manage that it often felt like it was controlling my life.

But once I understood diabetes well, I realised that it doesn’t have to be difficult. It can still get me down a little sometimes (the worst thing about diabetes is that it is 24/7, you never get a break from it!), but from my knowledge and extensive life experience and professional experience, I have found ways to simplify it and make it easy to manage.

That is simply what I want to share with you. I want to share with you the most important bits of knowledge I’ve collected over the years, and share my strategies of making life with diabetes easy and non-restrictive. I have a passion for teaching and helping people understand diabetes. I sincerely hope my DVD program will make a big difference to your life.

What You Will Learn
  • All the factors that contribute to increasing your blood sugar levels 
  • How to maintain healthy blood sugar levels all day and night, and the secret tips on how to use exercise most efficiently
  • The easy way to reduce both your appetite and your blood sugar levels
  • The step-by-step process on treating your hypo’s, plus the dangerous mistakes people make and how you can avoid them
  • Discover why it’s important that you don’t avoid carbohydrates (like bread, pasta and fruit). Your body will love you for it
  • How you can quickly break down your meals into food groups that do and don’t affect your blood sugars, giving you the confidence and knowledge to make the best food choices 
  • The serious information you need to know about alcohol and how to prevent it dangerously raising or lowering your blood sugar level
  • How to use exercise to prevent high blood sugar levels after eating, you’ll be surprised how little effort it takes
  • How you can still eat out at your favourite restaurants and fast food places, eating your favourite delicious meals
  • Discover the foods that don’t raise your blood sugar levels or put weight on you, and are packed with essential vitamins and minerals
  • How to read food labels quickly and easily, plus the insider secrets food companies don’t want you to know about labelling. What do they really mean by labels such as “light” and“reduced fat”?
  • Over 20 different great snacks that are quick and easily prepared.
  • How you can use the power of protein based foods to help you eat other foods you love without them spiking your blood sugar levels, plus how you can use protein as a secret weapon to lose weight
  • How stress works against you and increases your blood sugar levels, and what you can do to reduce it 
  • 3 medication-free ways you can reduce your blood sugar levels
  • and much more! 
What You Will Get When You Purchase This Program
  • A 2-disk DVD set, containing 8 separate educational video recordings 
  • A booklet containing summaries of the recordings, meal ideas, snack ideas, instructional guides, and practical tips.
  • 12 months of weekly emails, providing you with further diabetes information, updates and tips
Know What You Need To Eat
Answer your questions about 
Food and Diabetes
Avoid Long Term Complications
Help avoid the Long -Term complications of having Diabetes
Live Happy With Diabetes
Don't let Diabetes hold you back from living a normal life.